5 MUST BUY Souvenirs in Batubulan, Bali!

A vacation is not yet complete without souvenirs! Whether to keep as a personal memento of your visit or gifts for loved ones, you could find almost everything in Batubulan, Bali. All items are, of course, very distinctive to Bali.

Here is a list of MUST BUY things you could get at local Sukawati Market, Batubulan.

Linen Bali Shirt

Anyone who’s been to Bali knows EXACTLY the kind of shirt we are talking about. These linen shirts come in various colors and sizes. They usually have a simple illustration of a bamboo tree and Balinese sunset. Made of stretchy linen materials, these shirts are thin and perfect to wear on hot summer days.
Pro-tip: you may be able to get a big discount if you buy these shirts in big quantities!

Decorative Ornaments
Artsy ornaments for home decorations are also available at Sukawati Market. From dream catchers to miniscule wooden statues, all are unique and some wooden statues come in the shape of adorable animals. These ornaments add an antique and sophisticated feel to your home decor and collection.
For stationery junkies, you may also find pencils with wooden figurines attached at the top of those pencils.

Iconic Balinese Scarves
In Sukawati Market, the ever-so-iconic Balinese scarves are sold at very competitive prices. They have a thin but soft texture and come in so many colors. These scarves are especially comfortable to both wear and drape over cool summer nights. Just like the linen Bali shirts, you may get a big discount if you buy these blankets in bulk!

Rattan Bags and Accessories
A rattan bag is a bag crafted from hand-woven straw or bamboo. The most common one sold in the Sukawati market are round or square shaped. Most fast fashion stores sell these bags for a whopping $25 and up, whereas if you buy these bags in Bali with good bargaining skills, you may just get the bags for far cheaper.
In Sukawati Market, a lot of Bali-esque accessories are also sold. From earrings to bracelets, you won’t even be short of accessories to shop in Batubulan!

Batubulan, indeed, is a place of many talented people. From portraits or most commonly scenic paintings, you can easily find them near the clothing section. Price ranges from $15 and up, so for collectors, your options are especially wide in terms of budget. Not to mention, when you purchase these paintings, you will greatly support local artists to become more motivated in their art, so be sure to take a look at these paintings on your visit to Sukawati Market!

Those are some of our recommendations on the souvenirs you can get at the Sukawati Market! Make sure to prepare some cash for the many transactions you may do at the market. When shopping, make sure to bring your own shopping bags to help in reducing plastic for a better, greener earth. Happy shopping!