Batubulan is a world-renowned center of cultural arts, located northeast of Bali Province’s capital city, Denpasar. Administered under the area of Sukawati, Gianyar, its land stretches over 6.422 kilometers (km) with a population of over 28.131 people (2010). The village is also divided into three desa adats (traditional villages), which are Tegaltamu, Jerok Kuta, and Dlod Tukat. Each desa adat is divided again into banjar (communities). Some responsible for agriculture, some become the provider of traditional dance performances.


History of the town’s name goes way back to the time of Badung Kingdom in the 17th century. In which Dewa Agung Kalesan, foster son of Badung King, was granted permission to build his own castle in the middle of a forest. With the King’s blessing in hand, he and his followers headed to a forest just east of Badung Kingdom. Upon arriving at the forest's border, he witnessed a stone shining just like the moon. There, he eventually built a castle and called it Batubulan. Batu means stone, Bulan means moon, which literally make its name ‘moon stone’.

Batubulan is a tourism village famous for its traditional dance performances and expertise in the art of sculpture and jewelry-making. About 8 km away from Denpasar, Batubulan is situated in a strategic track between the Province’s capital and Gianyar. The village attracts and welcomes tourists domestically and internationally.


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