Meeting Animal Friends at Bali Zoo

Haven’t had enough of meeting friendly pals at Bali Bird Park? Come and witness exotic nature conservancy at Bali Zoo!

Bali Zoo is the first and only zoological park in Bali, a wonderful place for individuals and families to observe over 600 (six hundred) rare, exotic animals (including orangutans, elephants, african lions) in a lush tropical environment. The Zoo also lets visitors participate in fascinating and interactive activities alongside animals living there. Such activities include breakfast with orangutans, “Night at the Zoo” in which you could explore the Zoo after dark and watch the sun sets, mud fun with friendly Sumatran elephants while learning the life of a mahout (elephant rider/keeper), and many more.

Bali Zoo is located in Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. If you are interested in visiting and interacting with the lovely creatures at Bali Zoo, make sure to check their website for schedule and ticketing.



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