Mejejaitan Class

As devoted followers of Balinese Hinduism, prayers are a big part of the Island’s day-to-day life. Done three times daily, each is not completed without the presence of sajen (offering to the Gods).

In this class, guests are invited to learn the creation of everyday prayer facilities, which consists of janur or coconut leaves, ental leaves (Asian palmyra palm tree leaves) accompanied with flowers and fruits of sorts.

IDR150,000 / PERSON

Duration : 90 (ninety) minutes
Venue : Bale Kulkul

Benefits of Mejejaitan Class include:

  • Revitalizing Ronde drink (warm herb juice);
  • Rujak snack (traditional fruit salad).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Rate quoted is valid for 1 (one) person;
  • Rate quoted is in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).



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