Spiritual Recreation at Pura Puseh

As an island where the majority of Hinduism followers in Indonesia reside, finding Puras should not be a problem. Pura itself is a place of worship (temple) for the adherents of Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia. One of the biggest Pura in Batubulan is Pura Puseh, a temple especially dedicated to worshipping the God Vishnu.

uilt in the distinct Balinese architecture, tourists may visit to view the Pura in its magestic glory. Before entering the Pura, make sure to register yourself at the place right across from it. There, guests will be given a piece of traditional Balinese fabric and the managing staff would personally assist in putting it on. The fabric itself is worn around the waist and is intended for any gender, both male and female.
Balinese architecture specifically applied to Pura Puseh is unique with its own beauty. Bright terracotta bricks contrasted by green, lush trees surrounding the Pura. Tourists will not only see the place where locals pray, but also where they prepare sajen (offerings) and store statues rich in history. Inside Pura Puseh, there is also a miniscule Pura Taman or Garden Temple.

Sightseeing Puras is one of the ultimate ways to experience local culture and routine, considering they are sacred sites which cannot be separated from the daily lives of Balinese Hindu people.



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