MUST BRING Travel Essentials for Bali Trip

Lots of things should be considered when going on a trip to ANYWHERE, especially Bali. Located in Indonesia, Bali is a tropical island—so expect the weather to be hotter and more humid than you’re used to. However, that’s the fun of Bali, it’s sunny almost every time of the year!

Besides legal documents needed to enter the country, here are our recommendations on things you should bring when visiting Bali, especially Batubulan. Be sure to prepare ahead so you won’t miss a thing!

First Aid Kit and Skincare Kit

First Aid Kit is ALWAYS important for you to bring. Be sure to bring essential items for wounds and medications you may need during the trip, diarrhea or gastritis medications for example.

As for your skincare kit, please be sure to bring sunscreen as it protects your skin from the UVA and UVB rays, which may result in various problems from sunburns to skin cancer. It is also important for you to use reef-safe products if you plan to be under water, as it helps to protect surrounding aquatic ecosystems.

To suit the skin after a long day in the sun, you may also need a soothing cream for the skin, most notably aloe vera, which is widely sold anywhere, especially in nearby pharmacies.

For night time, it may be useful for you to bring a mosquito repellant. These repellants come in both lotion and spray, just make sure to use the one you’re most comfortable with. We know full well that comfort when traveling is very important!

Thin Quick-Dry Clothes
It’s hot in Bali, so make sure to pack thin clothes that absorb sweat well and dry quickly! Short sleeves, tank tops, shorts—you name it! Just make sure to keep it modest as that is how locals prefer to dress. This shows your respect for the local culture and it is always nice to be respectful to people!

Beach Wear/Attire
Get your beach wear out! Splash around comfortably in your bathing suits or swimming trunks. Make sure to bring extra pairs if you plan to stay for a long period of time! We recommend you to bring (or buy!) a sarong/scarf to wrap around when walking out of a private or beach free zone to a more public place. This ensures modesty in respect of local culture, as we have mentioned before.
Flip Flops

Where every place is sandy, it is best to wear flip flops instead of your everyday sneakers. Not only are flip flops easier to slip on, they are also lighter to walk in and this may prevent your favorite sneakers from getting dirty!

Bali is sunny—how many times have we mentioned that already? With that being said, we fully encourage you to bring sunglasses to wear on the island. Not only will you look cool in it, it will also protect your eyes from excessive sunlight—a win-win, right?
Those are our top 5 recommendations to bring for an unforgettable Bali trip. What’s YOUR must-bring item to bring during travel?