The Complete Budget Guide for Bali Trip

After a long period of hard work, it’s normal for us to desire a time off to unwind. Perhaps, a holiday to one of the most well-known tropical destinations in the world—Bali? Sounds good! But how much will you need to be assured of a GOOD time? What are the top places to visit during the trip? Shopping? Food? Anything? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we will cover the cost of basic things (and more!) in the island. Hopefully, this will give you a full picture on how to best budget your getaway.

A trip to Bali, anywhere else really, solely depends on the style of holiday you’d like to take. From backpack style to luxury—in this island, anything is possible. However, for the sake of reaching out to as many people as possible, we’ll keep it standard without excluding the whole fun, of course.

Before we get into the details, make sure you know your currency! Indonesia uses the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) currency and as of March 31st 2020, $1 equals to IDR16.342,50. For a more accurate calculation to your local currency, please refer to Google and other reliable sources.

Most people intend to enjoy Dewata Island to the fullest and approximately spend a week in Bali, touring many locations of the island. Let’s say you would like to spend 3 days in Batubulan, 2 days in Ubud, and remaining 2 days in Kuta. For your stay in Batubulan, indulge peacefully in a spacious and natural villa. You may want to enjoy the first few days quiet slowly by sunbathing and swimming in your own private villa. A standard one bedroom villa in Bumi Linggah Villas costs $114 per night, perfectly reasonable for the incredible place and service. For a two night stay at a villa, that’s only $228! Packages with experience included are also available for a valuable deal.

In order to comfortably wander around the area, it is best for you to rent a vehicle. A standard minivan will charge you around $22 per day, renting a vehicle with a driver may also differ. Though, most offer rentals with similar prices along with a driver, so make sure to look closely. Our villa in Batubulan also frequently helps guests rent cars safely, just give our staff a call and we’ll gladly offer you a hand! Batubulan has many tourist attractions to visit, including Bali Bird Park, Bali Zoo, Pura Puseh, Sukawati Market, and many more. The Balinese people are extremely friendly, so it will likely be very easy for you to explore around the area that is most definitely known as a center of art, earth, and religion.

Culinary expenses around Bali can be really low depending on where you’d like to eat. You can get a full meal at fast food places or local food places (warung) for $5 or less, whereas at cafes or proper restaurants, a full set meal may cost $9.00++ (tax, service fee). Tips at warungs or fast food places aren’t obligatory, but they are at cafes and restaurants. So, if you plan to do a little cafe hopping, make sure to spare some change for the servers!

After a two night stay in Batubulan, it is time for you to be on the move to the next destination! To make the best of your time, be sure to do a deep research on the area you’re heading to. Kuta is famously known for its sandy beaches and wild nightlife, meanwhile Ubud is an area rich in culture and has the highest concentration of art galleries on the island. Public transportation is available on the island and is very cheap (20 cents or so), but for some areas far from the city center, you may want to use a rental car or motorcycle instead. For example, to go to Ubud, it is best for you to travel by car.

Staying at a villa in Batubulan is better if you’re gonna be staying indoors at most times, in Kuta or Ubud, you may want to spend more time outside, so a grand space may not be your top priority in those two areas. With that being said, staying at hotels in Kuta and Ubud may be wiser. Accomodation in Kuta starts as low as $8 per night and $23 per night on average for 3-star hotels. As for Ubud, 3-star hotels are averagely priced at $48 per night, though you may find hotels as low as $10 per night. Again, it all depends on your budget. A trip in Bali is highly flexible and you have countless choices when it comes to accommodation, transportation, etc.

Onto the most fun and entertaining part of a trip—shopping! Everything is very affordable and authentic in Bali. Not only are the souvenirs here extremely unique, it is also very reasonable in price. Pro-tip! Almost anything is open for bargains at the traditional market. If you plan to buy in bulk, you may get a great deal of discount. Our estimation for a shopping budget is around $60-$100 per shopping trip.

The nightclub scene in Bali, most notably Kuta, is packed with energy and is guaranteed to bring you a good time! Entrance fee comes as low as $0 (free!) to $12. Do make sure to consider the time you’re coming in (prices at weekends usually differ from that of weekdays). Some clubs may have cover charges, table charges, taxes, etc, so make sure to bring extra cash in hand. Don’t have enough cash in Rupiah? No worries! As one of the top tourist attractions in the world, you may be able to encounter money changers almost everywhere.

Here is a little price breakdown of what we’ve covered in this article. A little gift for us to help you budget the perfect vacation in Bali.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the tropical paradise of Bali now!